120GB: MSI MS-6119

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Norman Peters
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Help - I have an MSI MS-6119 MB used as a DVD player. I need big hard drives, and I am trying to add Maxtor 120 GB drives to the system.
There are 2 BIOS options available to me, both with a catch.
1 - Version W6119MS V2.9 082100, shown as 08/03/2000-i440BX-W977-2A69KM4AC-00 supports 133 MHz front side bus (needed for my 733MHz PIII) but won't boot with big drives, and
2- version W6119MS V2.10 082100, shown as 08/21/2000-i440BX-W977-2A69KM4AC-00 supports only a 100 MHz front side bus and so drives my CPU only as a 550MHz PII but does recognise big drives.
SO - MSI won't help (I have tried them) and I need a BIOS revision to the 2.9 version with 133 MHz FSB support so it will also support big 120Gb drives. Can anyone help me?
Cheers, Norm, Canberra, Australia
El cheapo dude
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The i440BX chipset was designed for 100MHz FSB operation. It's very unlikely you'll get that chipset to boot at 133MHz FSB.
A different story is the fact that they provide unofficial FSB settings for their boards.
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Have you read the instructions at MSI page??? NO.
v2.9 is for boards with CPU Plug&Play
v2.10 is for jumpered boards
You're lucky that they are not too much different.
I can patch the 64GB bug in v2.9 BIOS for you.

BTW.: i440BX is known to work at 133MHz or even at 150MHz with proper cooling. The only problem is with AGP graphics cards because AGP will run at 89MHz or 100MHz (instead of 66MHz).
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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Norman Peters
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All currently runs OK with the 2.9 version at 133/733 with my CPU and video. I am using a simple old TNT card with TV out and a QI (Ravisent) Cinemaster hardware DVD decoder for the visuals, and all works well at the 133 speed, even though the AGP port runs at a higher speed. I just can't see the disks, as the PC hangs at the BIOS summary when it sees 120 Gb drives on teh 2.9 BIOS.
Rainbow - many thanks for the offer, it will be gratefully accepted - I have emailed the 2.9 BIOS to you separately.
Many thanks guys.

Norm, Canberra, Australia
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