[as much as possible]: 06/16/1998-VT82C580VP-2A5LA008C-00

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Hello everyone,

as I wrote before (@ Dec 09 8:51 pm) I also tried the old BIOS to get the mouse working - but I didn't succeed.
In the meantime I have checked the voltages at the serial header against ground; some of the pins should be at either +12V or -12V when "idle". But all are at zero - on both headers. The motherboard is supplied with both +12V and -12V (voltages measured at the motherboard's power plugs during operation; the board was operated outside its case on an insulating surface), so I really think that there is some on-board hardware damaged.

Thanks to everybody for helping me - I'm sorry that it didn't help!

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Either that, or an open trace somewhere leading to the headers.

I would guess the COM I/O chip(s) are OK since the DM seems to recognize them as present...though don't quote me on that...

If you have one, you can always install a cheapie ISA COM port card and use that...
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