30GB: P54CS-PIO, Rev 2.05, 9/30/1995

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I am working on an old 133mhz pc. After installing a new 30gig MDT hard drive it locks up during bootup just after displaying the hard drive info. It sees the drive as an 8gig. I thought if I could get it to boot I would install EZ-Drive but I can't get it that far. The motherboard is an EFA and the number is P54CS-PIO. The bios number is:
If I can't get the bois updated will a hard drive pluggin card do the trick? It's a pretty good old pc and I have no money in it so it would be a shame to just let it go to waste.
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Unfotunately, 2.05 appears to be the latest BIOS available e.g. at Zdnet.de, http://www.zdnet.de/treiber/man_prod/ef ... os-wc.html.

To use EZ-Drive or similar, I seem to remember you may have to set up the CMOS to say there's no hard drive, run EZ-Drive from diskette and let it set up the system. Check out the instructions/FAQ.

Alternatively a separate HDD controller with its own BIOS may be more expensive but a better technical solution.
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2.05 is the latest - on the official site too http://www.efacorp.com/download/bios.htm...
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Thanks guys. I will see about the EZ-Drive and if that does not work I'll see about the controller.
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