40GB: 12/22/1998 - i440BX -ITE867- 2A69KC39C-00

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Which BIOS file to use?

My board is a Matsonic MS7070S Slot 1 PII with PIII/450 with Intel 440BX chipset.

BIOS String is:- 12/22/1998 - i440BX -ITE867- 2A69KC39C-00

From this string the motherboard is a Chaintech, which is what one of the utilities says.

I've searched the Chainteach web site and can't find the matching BIOS string. I want the latest BIOS so support a 40 gb hard disk, which the current BIOS doesn't support.

This is my first venture into flashing a BIOS.

Thanks in advance to any expert who can answer this
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Possibly a 6BTA2 clone .

I've seen a Matsonic model number with original Chaintech model number below the Matsonic model number(sticker) .

Have a look at the Bios Flashrm - usually Chaintech has their model number printed on a small white sticker near or on top of the Flashrom
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