40GB: Biostar M5ATC

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Well, the BIOS ID he posted was for an M5ATC (I looked at mine)...we just need to know what he flashed into the thing...

Perhaps the BIOS chip is bad, but he has enough of it working to only make it up to the point he hangs at.

If so, not much he can do but try to flash back in the original BIOS...
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I went ahead and tried the IO card. Upon boot it says conflicts IO ports input\output no# and
Floppy disk fail (40). How do I change the i\o address in the bios. I guess I have to disable the old floppy port or change the I\O ADDRESS.
Oh and the Mobo is a M5ATC.
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If you can get into the CMOS setup and disable the on-board ports, that's what I would try next.

How are you fixed for hot-flashing ? :(
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