40GB: 09/10/96-i430VX-Ali5123-2A59GA1AC-0M

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Board is similar to an Abit PR5 R3 but built from Giant (no website available).
Tried to flash it already with an up to date Award 4.51P, but sth. didn't work (stupid me).
Now it even doesn't detect the HD at all, but it works with a boot disk, so flashing again
should be possible (I hope).
Any chances to get an update and the HD to work without disk managers?

Ah, forgot to mention that this board recognizes my 2 x 64 MB EDO-RAM only as 2 x 16 MB
coz of the chips on BOTH sides of the module :(. Is there also any trick to get them run?
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The chips on both sides usually favor full-size detection. And a VX board with a recent-enough BIOS should detect those SIMMs, unless you're talking about EDO-DIMMs, which are rare and whose support is much tougher.

The only known PR5's are the normal PR5 and the PR5 R2, and they seem to use the same BIOS.


All the ABITs with 2A59GA1A are PR5's, and use the same BIOS, I believe.

If you flashed any of the versions listed in those two links above, you may have to clear CMOS to get your board to work properly.
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Thnx for the fast reply!

On your site the Abit list says it's an PR5 R3... so I wasn't sure that a R2 or even R1 bios would work.

And I checked what RAM I was speaking about. It's EDO-SIMMs, but the original bios really didn't detect
it in a right way and in several newsgroups people were discussing that problem without any solution.

I'll try to clear the CMOS and if it doesn't help flash one of those BIOS' mentioned above. I'll keep you
updated about the RAM-issue.

Edit: I already flashed the latest BIOS from the ones above, the RAM detection still fails, it only recognizes
32 MB instead 128 MB (which is the highest supported value) and my 40GB HD ain't detected either. An old
1,2GB HD was fine. Now I'm gonna check the 40Gig one on another machine in case it's smashed.

Is there a possible workaround for the RAM-issue from your side. What you mean?
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Altered the text above :)
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Patched BIOS that supports HDDs up to 64GB is at http://wims.rainbow-software.org/.
The memory problem is not so easy. Try changing the two 64MB modules for 4 32MB ones.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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