40GB IBM: Gemlight GMB-P54SPV aka DTK PAM-0036S

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Rainbow's patcher wrote:BIOS ID string: 11/07/1998-SiS-5511-5513-2A5IDG3AC-00
BIOS OEM string: (2A5IDG3A) DTKPAM0036S.P02.01.10-V1.10
INT13h Extensions...Present: new-style
New-style code found at 7520
=> 32GB bug patched successfully etc etc
File is 36v110.bin from www.dtk.com.tw/download/bios.html
Capacity is shown correctly in POST, CMOS and equipment list, but it makes no difference whether UDMA disabled or UDMA 2, 16 or 15 heads jumper, 32 GB clip on or off, new cable, Type auto or User, Mode auto or LBA; I cannot access the drive. The drive is the only/master drive on first IDE controller. The old 1GB drive works fine. Max mode is PIO mode 4 with this BIOS.
This 40 GB drive works fine on Vision Top VT586TX and PC-Chips M577 but just will not work on this mobo; I get the message "Disk I/O error" when trying to boot.

W98 FDISK falls over with an error when trying to read the drive.
apple_rom's patcher wrote:D:\Hardware\ROM>bp-4rc71 36s110.bin
BIOS_Patcher ver. 4.0_RC.7.1 from "Second_Hope utils".
Warning! It is only test-version and recommended only for power-users!

Found 1Mbit BIOS!
error - cant find start.modul!error!

if you can`t see all messages - choose 80x50 mode or run with ">report.txt".
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using same power supply on all three boards?

Do not assume anything

System error, strike any user to continue...
BIOS Bodhisattva
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No, but I don't think that's the problem. It spins up OK and the IBM Feature tool is quite happy with it. I'll try another partition management tool if I can find one... I got the same message when the 1 GB HDD was attached with User type rather than Auto type so I think it's a geometry/sector translation thing.
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