BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I have an old A15TT mobo from mycomp-tmc (Socket 7 - still the best!). I have just got a new HD (Maxtor 40GB) but the bois locks up on trying to detect it, and locks the post if i enter the drive settings manualy. It works in other (newer) mobos. The Mycomp tmc web site apears to have disapeared, and www.tmc.com only has embeded boards on. I presume mycomp have gone out of buisnes, and the embeded stuff has been taken over by somebody else.
BUT does anybody have any idea of where I could get hold of a flash file for the bios, does anybody have one on a disk any where

Thanks for your help

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Latest I found is version Q6D for your board:


AI5TT-Q6D-0625 (Winbond 977)

Make sure -i430TX,W83977-2A59IM2CC-00 coincides.
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