80GB: Biostar M6TLC, 03/09/1999-i440LX-2A69JB0DC-00

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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This is where I’m at now:

Motherboard - Biostar M6TLC
HDD - Maxtor 80GB 6Y080L0 (with two x 40GB partitions)
BIOS – Rainbow’s modified TLC0306B
(previously Biostar’s TLC0306B, previous to that the original TLC1014A)
OS - Windows ME
BIOS Agent reports - Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG, BIOS ID 03/09/1999-i440LX-2A69JB0DC-00, BIOS Eval TLC0306B

(As you can see, I am quite happy to reflash the BIOS if necessary).

And where I’d like to get to:

1) Be able to repartition the HDD anyway I want without having to unload the data, repartition, reformat, reload the OS, reload the data. Is there any alternative to buying Partition Magic?
2) Be able to run without the ‘Ontrack’ DDO overlay kludge. Do I need this now that I have the modified BIOS? Can I remove it? Is so, how?

I'll be grateful for any advice.
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You shouldn't need a DDO if you have a patched BIOS that now supports your HDD fully. If you currently have the drive overlay installed, you're going to want to back up all your data . There is supposedly an uninstall option, but I don't trust it.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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OK. Now I have taken off the Ontrack DDO, and the HDD and BIOS are working well together. (I just used the DDO remove utility in MaxBlast 3 - which worked fine.)

But now I think I would like to change the disc partitions. Is there a utility which is as user-friendly as PartitionMagic, but cheap? I have tried/looked at fdisk, fips, master booter, rpm242 etc, but in all of these the user interface is complex. Suggestions or advice welcome!
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