80GB: 03/26/97-i430HX-2A59FA29C-00

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I don't know if my memory is failing me or not, but I think there were some parameters that could set/change the default block size when fdisking or formatting FAT32... please correct me.
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From http://www.powerload.fsnet.co.uk/fat32/fat7.htm
TIP: There is an undocumented flag for OSR2's FDISK, namely, /FPRMT. If you do a FDISK /FPRMT, you are able to format partitions smaller than 512MB as FAT32. For advanced users only!

TIP: There is an undocumented switch in the FORMAT command in OSR2. Then syntax is:

where n * 512bytes = cluster size
In other words, with this switch, you can set your own cluster size.
Like mentioned above you can test this accordingly
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Unless you are working with large files such as video and want to maximize continuous HDD transfer rate.
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Thanks All,

It is now all sorted. I have access to around 75Gb, which is alot more than the 8Gb I initially had!! The HD is being used to store archives only, and I prefer it in one partition, so I have gone this way. It will be a long time before I fill 80Gb with archives, but I needed atleast 20Gb, and 80Gb was not that much more,

Thanks again for all your help!!

-- Adrian
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