BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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#60620 by NeoVampX
Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:53 am
Hi, first of I hope its okay to post this here. In my searches for a fixed bios I always
ended up in this part of the forum. So I hope its still okay to post my question here.

Ahum, here goes.

I am currently building a Ms Dos machine for myself to play older games on,
but when I tried putting the my designated 40GB HDD in there it failed to be recognized.

A quick search showed me that these bigger drives were not recognized in older mobo's,
but that people have also been patching older bios files to do recognize them, so I'd like
to state my information in hopes that someone could hopefully help me out here.

My info: (apologies if I forgot something)


Bios 4.51PG (inside bios the top says 2A59GZ1C)

On the Motherboard it says 5DVX (1.9u)

Bios is dated 11/11/97

Searching for the mobo info says it might have an Intel Triton VX chipset ?

Here's to hoping I don't have an older bios that can't be patched,
oh and if possible.. maybe also the patch that allows you to use up to 128GB? (i think that's it)
cause you never know when a drive says poof. and 40GB's are becoming rarer.

Well I hope I mentioned everything that's required and that I broke no rules. :)