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#54824 by ruthlez.rampage
Thu May 13, 2010 5:11 pm
I hope this is the place to put this. I recently flashed my bios with what I thought was the right one. Guess I was wrong. Computer was working fine with no problems, then after the flash my computer now locks up at the first screen which is the oem screen where you access the bios or boot sequence. I unplugged everything and plug everything back in one at a time to find my problem (hdd). When power is supplied to the hdd computer locks up, when no power is supplied I can access the bios or run a disc. Now this is any hdd for I have tried three different ones and i get the same result. When I enter the bios I can plug my hdd in and it is detected (I know your not supposed to do this from my research) but when bios is exited same problem. My question is how could flashing the bios make this problem arise and how can I solve it. And yes I have removed everything, including battery and switching the jumper to clear cmos. I am not sure if this is relevant but after clearing the cmos start up screen says "checksum error defaults loaded". specs below.

Gateway GT5242E
motherboard manufacnturer:fic
motherboard models:ktbc51g
bios:Phoenix-Award workstation 6.00pg
bios version: nab26gw
bios ID string: C51MCP51-6A61HF0AC-00
bios date= 5/15/06
HDD= seagate 160 gb (original one)

I have gone through both the gateway and fic websites looking for a manual or even the original bios and have come up empty handed.