BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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#58684 by upnflyn
Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:51 pm
I've been building a NOS NIB retro box (as close as I can get any way) and I'm having drive recognition and access problems. Guess I'll start with a hardware list and BIOS version

Asus CUV4X-C,No revision# anywhere I can find,looks NOS but got it from KP surplus so unknown.
BIOS-Phoenix G4 CV4C7 1006/ 32 pin Dip.
Power supply Antec model: SL350 NIB NOS. All outputs test good (all better than +/- 5%).
Graphics: Asus AGP-V7700/32M(TVR) NIB NOS
Optical drives: Creative Model RW8438E CD-RW ,Creative Model DVD1610E DVD ROM both NIB NOS.
I only have test ram in the rig at the moment, a pair of Nanya 128MB SDR 133MHz CL2,tested working.
CPU Pentium III 733 MHz 100 MHz FSB
Chip set, VIA Apollo Pro 133A with the 686A south bridge.
Thats all I can think of at the moment(never done this before),on with the problems.
O'h yeah Hard drive, Western Digital EIDE Caviar model WD800BB-60CJA0.
At first the rig would only do the,MB led lights, fans spin but nothing else. Powered down pulled the battery and shorted the CLRRTC points and started over. This time I get display,FDD activity Led lights at the same time video card specs show up but drive never shows signs of being active. If I wait till the post screen to hit Del I can never get into setup. but if I begin hitting it starting at the video card screen I can usually but not allways get into setup. Once there, FDD shows as detected. HDDs and CD/DVD all show [AUTO],no parameters displayed.
When [AUTO] for ether Primary Master or Slave is highlighted and hit enter the proper sub menu page is displayed but here setup locks up. Nothing ever displays in the right hand collum and no drive parameters. A reboot/reset is required to exit this page.
Secondary Master/Slave sub menu's can be accessed as normal (though no auto detected parameters are ever displayed) and parameters set manually which will be displayed when return to setup main menu but no drive lights, activity is ever observed.
Entering Boot menu page results in two lines displayed, 1. [Floppy Drive] 2. Primary Master.
No keyboard input is accepted on this page eather. Reboot/Reset is required to exit. Otherwise all setup menu's
sub-menu's are accessable,all parameters/settings are changeable as per normal.
The FDD light never goes out and no drives are ever active/accessable.
Have tried allternet devices for everything listed above(except MB) and cables as well.
One interesting find is a sub-menu I found with AC97 Audio related [ENABLE] [DISABLE] functions which makes no sense as the MB has no on board audio ports, chips or any other related hardware... nevermind, had a "wonder if it's the wrong BIOS" moment but the info in bios matches ths sticker on the chip which matches Asus's
websites info for what this board should have. Dunno, this one's got me stymied. Please,no badcap or "Did you check the connection between your head and your backside while it was stuffed up there" type responses. This has been fun enough as it is. (just hope it's not the IDE controller,chips that old are hard to find). :(