40 GB: ECS P5HX-A PCB Version 1.0A

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Does anyone have a modified BIOS to operate a 40 GB IDE drive with the following board:

Elitegroup P5HX-A PCB Version 1.0A
05/20/96-i430HX-SMC669-(P5HX-A) C-00

Many thanks

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The BIOS on the ECS website does not support HDDs up to 32GB:
T2ABIOS.BIN : 05/20/96-i430HX-SMC669-(P5HX-A)C-00
P5HX-A Ver 1.0 05/21/1996

However, if you go to the ecs website and look at the BIOS for PCB Ver 2.1/2.3, there is also a BIOS 1.2q:
N2ABIOS.BIN : 09/12/97-i430HX-SMC669-(P5HX-A)C-00
P5HX-A Ver 1.2q 09/12/1997
which talks about support for the PCB 1.x including how to add components to support other CPUS - this suggests maybe the BIOS supports all boards up to Ver 2.3 ?
(This is well bundled: a WinZip self extractor which contains a WinRAR self extractor which contains a folder....)
It supports HDD to 32GB and can be patched (done) for HDD >32GB.
You could try that at your own risk, or ask ecs support by email to confirm that it will support the 1.0 board...
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