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BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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:( :?: I need help. On a Pentium 100 MHZ system with an 850MB hard drive the Award Bios stops the boot after the memory check if I have a hard drive listed in the CMOS allowing my only to go into the Bios setting. Without a hard drive it will boot on to an A disk. I have checked the hard drive on another system and it works fine. Also if I put in an Ezbios disk it can locate the hard drive and get all the correct information on it so I know the connections are fine. I was hoping someone may have some suggestions because I am lost as to what to try next.

Thank you
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Although maybe not too relevant, do you know the brand and model of your motherboard?
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Also, does the specification of the HD listed in the bios match the actual HD spec? i.e. is the bios detecting it correctly?

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It is detecting the correct settings listed on the label but under normal, not under LBA, when I tested it on another computer the size it detects is 810 compared to the 850 listed on the label for LBA.
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Make sure that the mode is set to LBA in BIOS and that the jumpers are set correctly. Some drives (Western Digital) must be configured as single (not master) if no other device is attached to the same channel.
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