BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
#56761 by say42
Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:23 pm
I have reset the BIOS on a ECS RC415ST-HM motherboard used in a HP PC (HP refer to the motherboard as Alhena5. ) and now nothing connected to the single IDE connector is recognised. I have tried 2 CD drives and 1 hardisk. There are 2 SATA connectors on the motherboard and 1 is working.

Whilst trying the CD drives, I did get a couple of messages at one point referring to the master (or slave) not being ATAPI compatible so I assume that means the IDE socket is not 100% dead.

I need to get a CD drive working so I can do a fresh Windows install.

The BIOS is AMI 5.14 Core 08.00.13 from 11/2007, there is no BIOS update available on the HP site.

Does anyone have any ideas of anything I could try ? I have tried all the various options in the BIOS setup program but perhaps someone knows the magic combinations.

Thanks in advance