Need a working BIOS for my P5S-VM mobo

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Hey all,

I have an ASUS P5S-VM motherboard. I'm trying to get it to work with larger HDDs but am hitting a wall. It came with an HP BIOS loaded on it (I think it was from an old Pavilion) but I flashed the chip (using a TL866) to a custom BIOS found on this page:

It says the BIOS supports 127GB drives, but every drive I try to load seems to have a problem if its bigger than 16gb. For example, I have an 80gb in it (a newer SATA drive thru an IDE adapter), the BIOS reads 80gb, but I'm having issues loading Windows 98SE.

I'm attaching a direct dump from the chip, grabbed with my TL866, of the currently loaded BIOS. Could one of you kind peoples take a gander and see if it actually has been modified for 128gb drives, and if not, make the change for me? Also, if it has been modified, could you make a suggestion as to why I'm having so many issues? I bought brand-new IDE cables, and I'm running a newer Corsair CS550M PSU.

Thanks much!
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I'll have a look. However, can you explain
but I'm having issues loading Windows 98SE
a bit more in detail?

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