Need Yakumo Motherboard BIOS!

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Hello to all of you,

after a few phone calls to the Yakumo Support hotline, they told me, that there is no support of Yakumo motherboards any more. They gave me another number in Germany (CSS GmbH), but also they didn't have any BIOS updates of Yakumo motherboard.

Can someone help me, where I can find a BIOS upgrade for the board?
The dates:
Yakumo motherboard
ModelNr.: Y686LX-2 ATX Rev. A+
Chipset: Intel 440 LX AGPset
Award BIOS

I need the update for the support of a new 80 GB harddisc, that I bought.
I want to build up a large multi boot system, so I need the possibility of the BIOS to address the 80 GB directly!

You're really my last hope! Otherwise I have to throw the motherboard away!
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Hi, Asgeir. Please read the rules for these forums and follow the posting guidelines. In particular, look at the information we ask you to provide. That helps us to help you.

(Do not start another thread. You can change the title of this thread by going to the first post in this thread, clicking on the EDIT button and changing the subject. It should also have been in the forum "My hard drive isn't recognized" but we will fix that shortly.)
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Yakumo boards are often PC Partner - so look for 35-xxxx-xx number printed on the board.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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