Seting RAID drive as first boot device

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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John Knight
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Giga-byte GA-8IRXP motherboard with Award version 6 bios running XP. Hard drive is connected to RAID controller to take advantage of ATA/133 capability. When installing XP, additional controller driver (using F6 as soon as XP install begins) is loaded. All CD data is copied from CD to hard drive for installation as normal (XP is able to see drive). However, when system is restarted, NTLDR NOT FOUND error is reported. If the hard drive is moved to a regular IDE chanel, installation proceeds as normal (NTLDR is on disk). BIOS is set to enable RAID controller but in ATA mode. RAID/SCSI priority is set to RAID. Boot priority 1 is set to SCSI (RAID not an option nor can I find any other option that would indicate IDE drive on IDE chanel 3 or 4). It appears BIOS is just not booting to the RAID (IDE 3) channel because I can't figure out how to configure the BIOS.
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