W98 doesn't recognize Seagate correctly UDMA.. BIOS Problem?

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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I installed a new Seagate ST340810A (40Gb, UATA 100, 5400RPM) with
DiscWizard2002, from other Seagate (10Gb) with Win98SE, to leave as master the new unit.

The BIOS (AMIBIOS 2000 Release 04/25/2001S) of the motherboard (PcChips M810LMR Rev3.0) recognizes to both disks, the new (40Gb) and the old (10Gb), correctly as ULTRA DMA, PIO4. That appears in screen during the POST, every time that the PC begins.

The problem is that, made the above-mentioned and position as master, the new disk ST340810A (40Gb) it is only recognized by Win98SE like GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47; when the correct thing should be: ST340810A UDMA PIO4.
Also, it doesn't accept activation of DMA in the Devices Manager.

In this situation, when evaluating the system in PC Pitstop, the result of the tests threw an unusual low performance of the Seagate ST340810A.

The old disk (10Gb) if it is recognized as ST310211A PIO4, but neither as UDMA, although if it accepts activation of DMA.

The problem in question is:
Why doesn't Win98SE recognize the characteristic of UDMA of the Hard Disks?
Is it really this a problem of update of BIOS?... Why?
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Did you install the Disk Wizard Disk Manager? Not sure how that affects UDMA...perhaps others can speak on that. BIOS posting ULTRA DMA, PIO4 seems odd...but not familliar with how an AMI would show that...would think it would be one or the other and not both.

Windows posting GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47 is OK... Type 47 is USER type setting. My DFI (AWARD BIOS) posts the same for my Seagate 40GB 7200RPM ST340016A.

Not sure why Windows DMA isn't staying on... the 10GB is accepting MWDMA2, of which it is probably capable of.

Do you have a BIOS setting for UDMA? Check...make sure it is on.

More info may be available at the PCChips Lottery website...check out your board there and search the Discussion Board.

Good Luck!!
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