#19066 by yoelcohen12
Wed Aug 27, 2003 4:39 am
This is another sad story about a guy (me) who wanted to do something nice for his dad and consiquently ruined his pc.

It's an Award BIOS and when the pc boots it only says that there's a floppy error (code 80) and the system hangs.

This is the result of flashing the board with an unsuitable BIOS (it seemed the right one at the time...)

Problem is: It's manufactured by HIS (Hightech) and has no formal BIOS to download.

My question is: Could it be that a 02/18/2000 model does not have BOOTBLOCK? When booting I don't get a "Award BootBlock BIOS 1.0" message, only a floppy error. It's a 2MB chip and the board seems modern enough.

Thanks for reading this - I'll aprreciate any insight