SP-586TB death-melody ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Here's a toff one!

I had (RIP?) for several years a computer with an SP-586TB motherboard / AMDK6II-200 processor. A couple of weeks ago, I was working on that computer, and suddenly the computer started to play a tune trough the MB speaker. I was really shocked, experience said to me that it could be only a virus - but there's no "entry point" in the whole 8 computer network (all floppies have cables detached and the server is protected by the weekly updated NAV Corporate). I've tried to restart the computer, but the tune DID NOT interupt! It stopped only after powering off. After a couple of seconds I switched it back again, but... it will not start.

Currently the syptomps are the following:
- the mothermoard starts only after at least 10 minutes of pause
- when it starts, it freezes after 5-20 seconds
- power supply voltages are correct, processor fan is working, there's nothing in the slots except video card. And I have tried other memory modules and video-card...

I thought that it's an episode of the "twilight zone", but a Google search after "sp-586tb" revealed to me that some other guy had this problem too (http://mail-index.netbsd.org/current-us ... /0009.html), unfortunately the topics of those mails are incomplete...

So, you all! ANY IDEAS?!?!?
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Probably CPU over-heating. Check your heat sink & fan.
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soupy wrote:Probably CPU over-heating. Check your heat sink & fan.
As I said, the fan is working. And in the few seconds in which it works, the processor doesn't have time to get over 30 degrees...
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Tryed swapping the PSU? Can be also problem with onboard voltage regulator (for CPU and/or chipset).
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The long version as posted by DFI:
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