#38630 by marco00
Sun May 07, 2006 12:11 am
Hello!!Sorry for my poor english :(

I got an acorp 7a1647a board, pcb 1.0 ,don't knew if working.
sst 39sf020a socketed

Tried to boot, result was different if i was using a geffo2mx agp or an ati agp board, with wich i was able to use a boot disk and cdrom boot with win2000.
When Using the gforce "award boot block" screen appear..with a bootdisk i used uniflash, tried to backup rom but got a #162 error, then flashed with a 1.0 bios, from Kuriaki site.

Now it does memory check, "press del to enter setup "screen (and i can enter setup),then screen is cleared and cursor is blinking...i can reset with CTRL+ALT+CANC for a while, then system is blocked.
tried to boot from floppy, hdd,cdrom always no activity.
tried to boot from one device (floppy, cd .. )and disable all other devices (com, usb, ide, usb etc.) still no activity.

Can u help me? -Marco