ABIT kx7-333 dead

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I have an Abit KX7-333 that I was moving to a plexiglass case and upgrading the processor to an AMD 2400 and a new 400 W power supply. The system worked fine before I moved it. Afterwards, I had fans and lights but not mobo POST.

So, I removed each of the cards and components one at at time with not results, mobo still dead. Then I placed the mobo back in the original case with the original processor and power supply. Tried it, still dead.

So, decided that the BIOS was bad or the chip was defectives. I have a Windbond W49F002U Flash chip. I found the directions on how to hot flash from another site. So, I downloaded the Award flash utility and the bios zip file. I created a DOS boot disk, copied the awdflash.exe file to the floppy, unzipped the bios and copied k7_b6.bin to the floppy.

I also have an old BP6 Abit mobo. So I used it to try the hot flash procedure. It failed due to incompatibility between the mobo and the bios.

So, I then found winsbios.com. I registered and read the posts. I downloaded Uniflash, unzipped it and copied it to the floppy with the bios for my KX7-333. Using the BP6, I booted swapped the bios chips and ran Uniflash. It ran and found the Windbond W49F002U chip. When I tried to flash the chip it ran but with errors. It failed to confirm and I did not have all 'X'.

SO, any help would be appreciated. I have been working on this all day and I think I am close and do not want to give up. Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to be sure all the details were here.

Thanks again.

Jack Griffin
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