After mem test and drive detect => blinking dash,blackscr

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After the memory teset and the drive detection in the first boot page. I get a black dos screen with only a blinking dash at the top left...
I CAN'T GO ANY FURTHER, Win XP won't boot neither the install CD nor a floppy boot.

I have never tried to flash my bios. I have been on the Net recently, but when I got this crash, it was in winXP that I got a crash that freezed everything. With error message, then when I rebooted, I got this black screen shit.

I have bought this computer a week ago... please... not this!!

Thanks for helping, give my comp another chance please, or I'll have to send it back to factory.

Nicky M.
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Hi Nicky. Your message is a bit short of information about the machine you are using. Could you provide a bit more detail about your system and what happens up to the freeze ?
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Reset your CMOS, Remove CD-ROM drives, remove all but one stick of memory, you could try loads of stuff. Your BIOS isn't dead, try reseating everything on your mobo too, cos it sounds like the crash would have been caused by something falling out :) Also strip down the system to the very basic and see if it boots then.
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