#26900 by nicolae788
Fri Aug 06, 2004 2:16 am
Hello everybody!
first of all the bios id string(ami)51-0830-001437-00111111-071595-ut801x-utron-f
Chip number:MX 27C1000PC-70
B9612 VPP=12.5V and on the back
I found out that this is a M558 MB made by hsing tech which now it's or was under PCCHIPS and has a VXPRO-2 chipset
Anyway i downloaded the manual and the file for the updated bios and made a boot disk and start the procedure.I looked down on jumper 8 near the BIOS socket and saw that there was no jumper on pins 1-2 as it should been normal.Before this the uniflash (latest version uf137) kept asking me if the chip it's write protected because it can't find some datas.O.K and then i looked and saw that there was no jumper on the JP8 and decided to put a jumper on the 1-2 pins as the manual says.Well instead of puting on the 1-2 pins (12V) i put it on 2-3 pins(5V) and cleared the CMOS.The boot lock entered it's rights and was searching for the rom file on the disk A. I saved the image of the bios at the begining of the process as i was expecting something like this.Insert the disk and the bios start reading from the disk.So far so good but next i heard 7 beeps which means that the chip can't be writen.Shit,excuse me but i did it this time.
My question how do i write back this chip?
I have another chip but that one was used with an award BIOS,can it be writen with ami software?
Chip NO. MXJ9731
Please help any sugestions are welcome.Tomorow i will go to see some guys who have a burner and maybe i will manage to do something but i would like to hear some suggestions and if it's possible to get out of this without the use of the burner.
Thank you very much