Anyone got the asus P5N-E SLI CD?

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Hi all,

Have recently posted my problems on the asus forum.

Basically I tried updating my bios via the asus updater. It froze half way through and never verified. I was forced to turn the PC off after an agonizing wait.

When I turn it on it doesn't post. It shows nothing. The motherboard lights on, the fans spin, the cd drive flashes, but apart from that nothing is displayed on the monitor. The hard drive light is constantly lit as well.

I tried clearing the cmos and positioned the jumpers to 2&3 for 10 secs and then replaced, although this had no affect. I connected an old floppy disk drive and loaded a bootable diskette containing the bios, AWDFLASH and a AUTOEXEC.BAT file. When switching the pc on, the disk drive isnt even recognised by the looks of it since the light on the front never goes on.

The only thing left to try is the CD that came with the motherboard, except I havent got it. I have hope in this simply because the CD drive seems to be recognised.

Has anyone got the original disc that came with this motherboard that i could get an image of? or has anyone got anything else i could try?

Many thanks
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this one is an award bios board. Try:

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