#43159 by samspin
Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:23 am
I belive my computers motherboard may be an PcChips which is an M598-H. This may be of help also "990424"<BA> E-VO. I have been told that represents an PcChips motherboard, but i'm not certain. I need to know if there is an compatible computer case under $100, which i can place my present motherboard in. Can i actually replace my current CPU or processor, which i believe is an AMD (K6) 3D Processor, with an more powerful one. I bought the computer brand new in 1999, and most everything including the processor or CPU, is intact, or hasn't been changed. If i can, please let know of that CPU, and of any manual i can find online, which can help me know the, this and thats, of this computers motherboard. Thank you

AMI BIOS - Release 03/15/1999S


M598-H Ver 5.0

S5 Dec 1998

This may also help.