#35915 by visule
Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:48 am
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#35915 by visule
Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:48 am
I have the ASROCK 939-DUAL running windows XP sp2. I boot from SATA1 HD's set to RAID 0. Everything was working fine until I changed an IDE setting in the BIOS. (AMI BIOS P1.20). The only IDE device I have is a lite-on CD burner.
I changed the "on board IDE controller" to Primary ( was set to BOTH)
also changed the "Primary IDE Master" to CD/DVD (was set to Auto)
also changed the "Primary IDE slave" to Not Installed (was set to Auto)

upon boot, the system BIOS hangs up (stops processing) after the memory test as follows:

Auto detecting Pri master ..ATAPI CDROM
Auto detecting 5th master ..ATAPI CDROM
Pri master: Lite-on Combo SOHO 5235K LK02
Ultra DMA Mode 2

..And then it just stops. It doesn't matter if I press F2 or not.

The code on bottom left corner says 0078

When I press F2 to get back into the BIOS setup utility, it says "Entering Setup" but it doesn't give access.

I can't get back into the BIOS setup. Please advise.
Thank you for your help.