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#53707 by Ran_TH
Sat Oct 31, 2009 7:43 am
I turned on my computer yesterday, then appears a text on my monitor:

"Bad Bios Checksum. Starting recovery..."

Seems that my BIOS is corrupted, I placed the motherboard CD to my CD drive. Then I read through the progress, there is a text:

"Flashing P5XXXXXX.ROM." What the? My real BIOS is P4S8XMX.ROM! CrashFree Bios has flashed wrong bios to my motherboard!

After restarting, that was my last time to see my computer output a screen again to monitor. My monitor was black, while fan is spinning and CD Drive starting to spin up repeatedly.

What I should do now? Is Blind Flash BIOS will works in this case? Or some other methods that will works?

Thanks in advance.