#47072 by mycrow_spot
Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:00 pm
I have a P4S8X board that cant get past C0 on post.
-According to Award C0 is turn off chipset cache; OEM Specific -cache control.
- Motherboard Green light is on , when powered on.
-CPU fan spins normally.
-Have reset the cmos by removing battery ( even change for new battery) and shorting the jumpers.
-Tested the memory on another system and works great.
-Tested Cpu on another machine and runs like a charm.
-Have remove everything except for power supply, CPU, and memory. plus using diagnostic Test Post Card to test posting .

Motherboard was running perfectly.Then I shut it down one night and when I try to boot machine, it wont get past C0.

CPU = 2.4 intel
Memory is 1 x 256mb pc2700
PSU = Antec 430w

Any ideas on how I can get the board past C0?