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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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While i was trying to upgrade my bios, after i flashed it and tried install the new version of my bios, my pc freezed (caused by one of my rams), so the upgrade was corrupted and my pc won't even try to boot up, it shows a black screen when i turn it on and it's clear that there is no bios check for any of the devices. am very new to this, never faced a bios update failure before, i still have the update file on my usb, but dunno if there is a way to re-install it on the flash again, any help is really appreciated, thank you.
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"my pc freezed (caused by one of my rams),"

What makes you sure it was that causing the crash?

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It so happens that the 780i SLI MCP is a rebadged nForce 570 SLI chip and the 780i SLI SPP shows every sign that it is a 680i SLI that has been modified to link to the new nForce 200 chip.
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