av40s shuttle mobo wont post

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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lorna the idiot
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you have heard it all before no posting no graphics, yes tested everything twice on other machines. leads to bios not actually being there in the chip, can i remove the chip can i put another in place, or does booting from floppy if i do the unprotect the bios flash jumper thing, actually work? Is there a proceedure, do i need a degree? Does anyone care? Starting to lose the will to live......... stupid lorna should have used an antisurge!!!!!
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I don't know, can you remove the chip ? These days most are soldered to the board, but check. If the floppy appears to be trying to read something you can try the recovery flash route; if it isn't you can't. Sorry to be "bleedin' obvious", but that is pretty much the way it goes. If neither of those options is open to you - ouch! Could be major surgery time.
Try clearing CMOS as well, just in case.
[edit]Oh, and check the battery while you're about it.
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