#25719 by Naroar
Sat May 29, 2004 12:27 am

I'm get stuck immediatly at startup, getting one beep continously, which I've come to understand means I'm having a memory issue.

Now, I know exactly what the issue is, and it's 100% the fault of my own stupid curiosity... I changed some of the settings for the memory in the advanced tab in the BIOS, and now I am in this mess. Trying to find a new mobo but with holidays and stuff I can't get a new one until tuesday! Gah, 4 days without my puter is pure torture..

What I'm wondering is, is there some way for me to fix this without getting to technical? I tried to use a boot diskette with an autoexec file and bios file and all that stuff, but that didn't work, it doesn't even read from the floppy as far as I can tell. I've also read lots of posts here and seen things like flash kits mentioned. If that's what I need to fix my problem and it's cheaper than buying a new Mobo, please tell me a site where I can buy it. Preferably in Sweden ^^

kk, thanks in advance