Award Bootblock bios v1.0 Need Help bad

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I keep getting an BIOS ROM checksum error... I have been trying to read up on this problem on this web page but had no luck yet. I tried downloading a bios file from the board manufacturer (ABIT VL-6) but I had no luck.. I extrated the files onto the floppy but everytime I boot up my pc with the floppy I get sound like its doing something but it never stops and nothing happens it just keeps saying Detecting floppy drive A media.. Can somewone please explain to me (like explaining it to a child) how to recover from this... I do have some PC knowledge just not this sort. I dont know how to make a Autoexec.bat script for this... Any help will be greatly Appreciated....Thank u in advance.
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Tried to Clear CMOS and to use only one memory stick ?
If you have more than one stick please test only one at the same time
Problem might be bad RAM or damaged Bios due to virus attack

Have you read FAQ#9 from wimsbios main page FAQ ?
Format a new disk and let the OS copy the needed system files onto it or get the DRDOS "Biosflash" bootdisk from ant run the installer to create the bootdisk
Copy the needed biosfil and flashprog from Abit onto it
Create a new file onto the Floppy and name it autoexec.bat
Open it with a text editor and insert awdflash bios.bin /py /sn > replace the line with the names of your files
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