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i flashed my BIOS - yes Rainbow , the one you've helped me to flash , it finaly worked...- well i flashed it the first time and it worked , then the second time i changed the epa logo and flashed it...when i flashed it (with UNIFLASH) i got a warning "bootlock mismatch"..but i choose yes to flash the bios file anyway...i restarted the pc and i got no img @ the monitor , i just hear beeps...i put a floopy with an autoexec.bat and the command line "@uniflash -e oldbios.bin"...when the pc starts i get high-low beeps and then the floppy starts to work , it works for some time and then i hear one low beep and then the floppy works and then i hear another beep and then nothing happens...nothing , i reset the pc and the same thing happens over and over again...

help ?
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Try to flash the original Bios from the mainboard manufacturer !
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