#11372 by smashy
Sun Nov 24, 2002 1:52 pm
My computer crashed playing a movie. I rebooted, and got the "Award bios bootblock v1.0 bios rom checksum error". I followed the advice in your faq and forums and tried to flash my bios with the bootable floppy autoexec.bat flash utility script trick (using the vendor award flash utility for my mb - flashv73), but during the flash process, for the 1st 14 blocks of the write (out of 64) the progress bar is red and the text below reads "write fail"(and moves very slowly), until it hits the 15th block, from which point on the bar is white and the text below reads "write ok".
I have a Tyan trinity 400 - s1854, with a via apollo pro 133a chipset, an award bios, and the syncmos 9950 f29c51002t-90pc bios chip. The board manual has no mention of a bios protect jumper, and also no mention of a bios bootblock protect jumper. Supposedly the bootable floppy trick would take care of any in-bios bootblock protection, and the fact that it writes anything at all indicates there is no bios write protect on. The readme for uniflash indicates that it hangs while flashing this model of syncmos bios chip, so I can't use that.
Any help you guys can provide would be great, thanks.