#31970 by moti55
Sun May 22, 2005 1:09 pm
awdflash.exe seems to reset computer [b]just before [/b]displaying the YELLOW "Flashing complete, PressF1 to continue" message on flash update, no errors on the writing and verification, but no completion message, checksum seems to be the same on all retrys 8EEEH.

MOBO socket 370 PINE PMV01-A EPROM PMC PM29F002T /5V - i tried a new bios update and now trying with the [b]older bin [/b]i saved before, i get BIOS checksum error on POST and can access only floppy drive, cant access BIOS setup screens.

I tried with the older awdflash.exe i used to save the older bios image and
also with version 8.23b and Uniflash.exe - same result.

How can iretrieve the current checksum in the EPROM and compare to the older BIN file and maybe just write new proper checksum in the EPROM ?

Any ideas ? Thanks