#51377 by Sasinoov
Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:58 am
Hey guys. Professional Gamer here since 2001. I was just playing on my Alienware, now 4 years old roughly, and the computer suddenly restarted itself and this BIOS Checksum Error came up.

BIOS Rom Checksum Error

Detecting DE ATAP Device
Found CD ROM, trying to boot...failed

Detecting Floppy Disk

Begins to beep, then nothing.

I have no idea what happened, how this happened, and am looking to resolve this soon since it's the holiday season and I need my gaming :D

Anyone lend a brother a hand? It's an Alienware ALX, 3.2GHz Dual Core with 2G Ram, Nvidia 7900 GTX, 80G Hard Drive, and some other stuff.

Tell me what you need, how to obtain it, how to solve this issue, and you'll make me the happiest gamer alive