Bios Rom checksum error

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You can try UniFlash. Download it (from my webpage), rename uniflash.exe to awdflash.exe and put on the bootable floppy. I doubt that it will work - but try it.
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Hi, everyone who helped me out here, you're all great!

It boots again and I dunno why but I dunno care!
Today I felt really desperate, pissed, helpless, not knowing what to do next (an I really HATE that!) so I screwed, pulled and ripped everything I could find out of the mobo, tested all on both my other computers, (all worked just fine), cleared the CMOS again, formatted a brand new system floppy, saved the latest awdflash.exe and the Bbin file on it, put it in the drive, turned the computer on and....... IT FLASHED THE BIOS , restarted and booted and still works normally!!!!

I'm soooooo happy, I'd hug and kiss you alle if you where here!( don't worry, I'm a 46 years old mother of three big sons).

I still don't know why the checksum error occurred in the first place, I think one of the RAM modules isn't reliable anymore or replacing the battery helped and I guess the floppy was faulty or whatever...
time will tell,

Thanxx again for all the help


Goofy :wink:
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