#38728 by munglers
Thu May 11, 2006 6:39 pm
** Bios snuffed after update (vaio F801 / VT8501)

Was recommended to update the bios to version R0121K5 which seemed to go fine, restarted and then 'bam' the things braindead... turns on, get LED lights, can hear the fan whizzing, CDrom spinning up but from what i gather (and ive done my research) something Bios wise is failing and preventing the hardware initialising (therefore cant use recovery disk or cd)... Ive spent two days looking into this problem and im fairly certain i need to somehow force the motherboard into 'Bios recovery mode' ...ive tried this with the LPT update key, but it didnt work...

So...does anyone know how to force this mother board (VT8501 / VT82C686A) into bios recovery AND does anyone know the correct bios update file for this (perhaps the one i got from Sony is incorrect)... thanks