#48445 by jolt76
Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:33 pm
Ok so i bought some new good spec ram. i switch them out but they still read timings and settings same as old ram so i go into bios to see if i can change the settings.
my bios didnt seem to have that feature so i looked for a bios update on my manufacter site. the date was 8 months ahead of what i had i used the winflash utility i backed up my old bios first.
i installed the new one but when my pc rebooted it just beeped once over and over.
so i figure maybe theres a settings conflict i couldnt find a jumper by the battery so i just pulled the battery.
the pc booted up i go into bios and look bios is an outdated version. soon as i exit bios it beeped agian with no setting changed. i pull the battery again and i get it too boot just didnt go into bios i load my old bios same thing.
now if i go into bios it will beep and i will have to pull my battery.
i got an error on first boot after i pull battery. please reset cpu freq in cmos setup.

Now sometimes when i reset it beeps and i dont dare go into bios agian any ideas how to fix the damage ive done?

some of my bios info
BIOS Date: 04/27/07
BIOS Type: Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS
BIOS ID: 04/27/2007-MCP61M-AM-6A61KE11C
OEM Sign-On: This BIOS is exclusively for Acer only (R01-B4)
Chipset: AMD 1100 rev 0
Superio: Unknown
CPU: Unknown
BIOS ROM In Socket: Yes
BIOS ROM Size: 512K