#12846 by funnelbc
Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:51 am
Desperate situation here folks, love some help if anyone can! I'd be terribly grateful.

Okay. System is an Albatron KX400+ Pro, Duron 1ghz, 256mhz DDR, Radeon9000 pro.

I had a movie paused in windows XP and it blue screened. After restarting, i get greeted by the

"Award Bios Boot Block 1.0
Bios ROM checksum error
Floppy media in drive a:"


Now I downloaded the most current bios update and the one before that. I downloaded also a more current version of award flash util as well.

I created a msdos, win95 and win 98 boot disk.

The only boot disk that the bootblock would boot sucessfully off was the msdos one. The newer ones didnt work, the 95 one just hung, and the 98 one, had "error in line 1 of autoexec.bat" etc all the way through it.

Once i got access to the prompt, I tried to flash the bios.

In every instance (using 1.4/1.5 versions of the bios file itself, and 2 different versions of awdflash) it starts the flash, and just hangs there. It prompts me to say which file to flash, and the file is correct, i press enter, it says wait, then it shows the screen where the greyed out progress bar is, and nothing happens. It doesnt display red boxes to indicate bad writes or anything, just sits there without showing progress. I waited half an hour to see whether it was going to write to it, but it just sat there....

Can anyone at all help me? Am I doing something stupid? I tried several command line switches with it as well as just trying to run it without...

please help! thankyou!

-edit After hunting around the forums, it looks like uniflash may help.. Off to try that :-)