#52923 by sportrider12584
Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:11 pm
I jsut got this board, it was NIB, sitting in a friends closet. I installed everything, hooked it up, etc. I know everything works (RAM, CPU, PSU, VGA) as it was all installed on my old mobo.

I turned it on for the first time, it gets stuck on "4E" on the LCD readout. According to the manual, this means:

1. Program MTRR of M1 CPU
2. Initialize L2 cache for P6 class CPU & program CPU with proper cacheable range
3. Initialize the APIC for P6 class CPU
4. On MP platform, adjust the cacheable range to smaller one in case the cacheable ranges between each CPU are not identical

Not sure what exactly this means. I'm running a Pentium D 820 proc, and according to ABITs website its supported. Could it be that I need a BIOS update because the board is brand new still? If so, how can I update it without the board POSTing?