#3234 by TB
Mon Jun 03, 2002 6:58 pm
Hi the latest BIOS flash has gone terrible wrong on my good ´ol BX133 RAID. I flashed the BIOS and everything seemed fine, but now it present the Award BootBlock bios. Fine I thought.. I´ll just update it to a working version then. But this is a nocando. Awdflash will not recognize the BIOS, unknow flash type it says. Uniflasher neither.
I then swapped the BIOS from a BE6II v2.0 and tried to flash that one, but still unknow flash type. How can I save my motherboard? I thought I could flash the BE6II bios with the BX133 image? (Those two boards are identical, besiden the socket)

Please help me out, I REALLY need this computer again.