Compaq Presario Notebook Bad Flash

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Hi all.

Wanted to upgrade the Presario 1700 (17XL460) to Win2k. Compaq claimed that power management functions would not work properly so I needed to do their newest flash (a very bare Phoenix bios). I downloaded their Rompaq, unpacked it, and burned all the goodies to a bootable CD (no floppy drive, long story).

All is trucking along fine when all of the sudden it says "Verification Error." Now, it never mentioned WHAT didn't verify or anything, just gave the error and sat there. After recollecting my heart from my lower extremities I decided to pray to the computer gods and try to reboot. But the power key (soft power) didn't turn the machine off. I was a little surprised. So I yanked out the AC and the battery to get it to turn off. After pluggging it all back in, the power key will not turn the machine on. (Interesting tidbit, used to when the AC was in the AC light would come on and the battery charging light; now just the AC light comes on.)

Any ideas? I haven't gotten all the way inside the machine yet to see if the BIOS is removeable for re-flashing (I'm somehow guessing it's soldered since this is Compaq). I was wondering if anyone knew of ANY other possible handy tips?

Thanks guys and gals.

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time for a new board.......... :cry: I am not sure what exactly happened but this board is now destine for the recycling center....Unfortunately a replacement board is gonna run $546.00 from Compaq...

and even IF you were lucky enought to have a removable BIOS chip a new one would have to come directly through Compaq in order for the laptop to run..Which would probably cost almost as much........
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Send a private message to Joe on this board, or visit his site at:

before you make any harsh decisions. It couldn't hurt to check.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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