My Computer won't start-up after reflashing the bios!

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I have an Asus A7N8X motherboard which i have previously flashed with the Asus Utility that comes with it. I upgraded the bios to 1005 from 1002, the original was 1001. It restarted ok and i went into setup to change the settings. I loaded the optimised settings and rebooted it did nothing, no beeps, nothing. Well the hard drive was audible and the DVD and Cd writer led's keep flashing on and off. Also the cpu fan is working, it's an adjustable one with one wire to the header and uses a power cable like the hard drive.

The CPU is an Athlon 2600 and the memory is two 512 mb to use the dual channel on the mobo. Anyways before clearing the cmos I may have inadvertently set the cpu fsb to 200mhz cause it came up with clock speed of 1200 or something. I have a 333mhz chip so it needs to be set at 166 mhz i think. The new bios description said it was optimised for dual channel. but everything is stopped now. I have i cleared the cmos with battery out and tried holding down the delete key as the manual says but nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated.

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When you cleared the CMOS, was the power off at the wall ?

It seems you are not the only person with this kind of problem. From a search at Google groups for "A7N8X 1005"
I updated the bios from 1003 to 1005.
> > First reboot gave me the usual "hit F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup"
> > after flashing the bios. I went into the setup and set the date, FSB to 133
> > and then saved.
> > After this it would not reboot - drive light came on, but no beep, no POST
> > message and no video.
> > Tried power off/on cycles to see if it was an incorrect processor speed, but
> > no good.
> >
> > Removed battery, reset RTC, replaced battery.
> > Board booted, I did the same bios setup things, same problem.
> > Repeated until I realised that it would only boot if I didn't touch any of
> > the bios settings. I.e. boot, DEL, save.
> >
> > Luckily I had saved a copy of the 1003 bios that came with the board on a
> > floppy so I could retrograde.
> >
> > Has anybody else had similar problems with the 1005 bios ??
> >
Advice there includes flashing with award flasher and cc/cd/cp switches on the command line, but if you can't boot at all this is a problem. :(
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