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I've destroyed my bios, my box won't start up (black screen, beeping), but it does search for and reads the floppydrive. I have read that before hotflashing I can try to boot from floppy, but what files should be on that floppy. just the normal boot-files (won't work, have tried that), a special program maybe? I have read that I should put a file on there and rename it to amiboot.rom, but what file should it be? If somebody could explain what I have to do exactly, I would be very gratefull...!
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If the BIOS was Award BIOS, it can boot from floppy (make bootable floppy from DOS/Windows 9x, put flasher and BIOS there and make autoexec.bat file so it will start the flasher automatically). If it was AMI BIOS, rename the BIOS file to AMIBOOT.ROM and put it on blank floppy.
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