#31737 by ilpresident`
Thu May 12, 2005 3:49 pm
I have read some of the related threads on good flashes and no booting. I just flashed this soltek SL-65FV+ with a P3 667MHz cpu. The flash was ok and I restarted by pressing the required key. After re-start the pc hung after the memory test. No key from keyboard worked so I had to re-start. After that the pc will not switch on the monitor (amber light on monitor). I removed the memory and I got the beeps ok. I removed the vga (agp) but got nothing. I suspect the flash was not completely ok. I found a thread saying I can kickstart the recovery boot by shorting 2 pins. The bios chip is EON EN29F002NT. Which pins are these? A15 and A16? I already prepared a bootdisk with Uniflash and the original bios that I had saved before flashing. :x