#50952 by itsmeyourenemy
Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:38 pm
Hello guys.
I updated my BIOS from Windows ( using ASUS update) for enabling widescreen resolution by downloading the patched bios here. I know..I should not have done it. I came to know this only after the inevitable happened.
The system would not boot, no display, no beep codes.
So, I gave the mobo to a guy who had a EEPROM programmer so that he could program the EEPROM externally.
He tried to load different versions of the BIOS for my mobo into it. But still, there is no beep or display and the system does not boot. He replaced the capacitors too. But, no use.

Any help would be highly appreciated.
And before I forget, I need to get it fixed soon....really soon. Pls do reply soon